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Frequently Asked Questions

Lawyers and paralegals register on our platform to have access to prospective clients at no cost. Part of the registration process includes a thorough and vigorous vetting process to ensure that the lawyer has the requisite competency and skill to deliver legal services in a particular field and has a stellar professionalism record with the local legal regulatory authority.

If you are not satisfied with your work product, you can send us a note outlining the issue through our dispute resolution process which can be found at the following link on our platform. Your issue will be investigated within 24-48 hours to determine a resolution up to and including a full refund.

Yes, once the transaction is completed you will be asked to rate each other out of 4 stars and have an opportunity to provide an additional comment which will then be shared publicly on the platform as we feel peer review is an integral part of an online marketplace.

You don’t need an account if you’re just browsing for quotes, however, once you choose a legal professional you are happy with you will be asked to crate an account. Creating an account with LawVo is easy, we ask you to verify your identity by taking a selfie and a piece of ID, register your credit card through our payment system and you’re all set.

You can sign in to your account from anywhere on the LawVo website – just look for the Sign in button at the top of your screen. Use the email address and password that you signed up with.

LawVo makes it easier to access legal help without the confusion and hassle. We have built an online legal platform from the ground up to make it fast and easy to get a quote and connect with a legal provider virtually and that is best matched for you. No waiting, no paperwork, and no phone calls are required. Even though we are online, we are not robots. There is a caring team to help you when you need us, whether it is guiding you through the process or helping you with any questions you may have.

We currently offer services for the following areas of law and looking to increase over time Contracts, Real Estate, Employment Law, Wills, Immigration, Personal Injury, Family Law, Corporate Law, and Highway Traffic.

Absolutely not! Comparing rates on  is always free. We make our money from legal providers and financial institutions by sending them referrals. We believe in empowering customers to make better legal and pricing decisions, which is why the choice to secure the best rate is always yours.

Any information that you provide on will only be transferred to the legal services provider that you have chosen to share it with in order to fulfill your request. We will not sell your information to any third parties without your consent.

LawVo is a Canadian legal marketplace based in Toronto, Ontario. We use smart technology to offer legal assistance directly online to consumers. LawVo is a web-based platform where advice seekers can easily access vetted legal professionals and receive affordable, competitive pricing, outlining upfront completion times. The legal service providers would receive “validated” referrals lowering overhead and providing work flexibility to lawyers and paralegals to choose how much, when, and where to work.

Once a user selects a quote and registers they can create an account and provide a 25% deposit/retainer, once the work is completed by the legal professional the remaining amount is invoiced, and once payment is made the work product is released. Certain matters require full payment i.e. Highway Traffic Act Matters.

No, at LawVo we are cognizant of concerns people may have with in-person meetings and want to ensure that you have access to legal professionals all across Ontario. LawVo has created tools within the platform to ensure a totally virtual experience, in platform chat and video, e-signature, DocuSign is just some of the virtual tools available that allow you to have legal guidance anywhere, anytime.

LawVo provides a complete virtual office environment for both the lawyer and the customer. Both have tools like case management, document management, payment management, video conferencing tools, calendar management, and chat tool to complete the whole process virtually.

Yes, you can. Once you pick your legal area and select your service, our platform will ask you a few questions before recommending you to a list of lawyers. Once you pick the lawyer you want to consult with, you can then book an appointment with them.

There are 2 pathways to finding a legal professional. You can either go through the get a quote process and answer a few questions to see a list of recommended lawyers, or visit the Legal Professionals page and find your lawyer.

All legal professionals on the LawVo platform are vetted, verified, and fully licensed.

LawVo has a legal document management module that helps both customers and lawyers to exchange documents and store them securely.